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1. Services and Support

1.1 The Equipment are provided subject to this Rental Agreement, as it may be amended by Bounce Time Party Rental, and any guidelines, rules or operating policies that Bounce Time Party Rental may establish and post from time to time (the "Rental Agreement"). By posting updated versions of the Rental Agreement at the Bounce Time Party Rental website, or otherwise providing notice to you, Bounce Time Party Rental may modify the terms of the Rental Agreement and may discontinue or revise any or all other aspects of the Equipment at its sole discretion. All prices are subject to change. All such changes shall become effective upon posting of the revised Rental Agreement.

1.2 To order Equipment for your event, booking is available only to persons who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing, signing the Rental Agreement for Equipment is not available to individuals under the age of 18. Guests who will be using Equipment may be of any age when an adult supervisor is present.

1.3 Payment for Equipment will be made by a valid credit card accepted by Bounce Time Party Rental, unless other payment arrangements have been made between you and an authorized Bounce Time Party Rental representative. You hereby authorize Bounce Time Party Rental to charge your credit card for the deposit amounts whenever you book an event. Fees are payable in US dollars. If Bounce Time Party Rental is for any reason unable to effect automatic payment via your credit card, you will be notified via e-mail or phone.

1.4 You must complete the order form on the checkout page in order to book the Equipment. You will provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself as requested in the checkout form. As part of the checkout process, you will identify an e-mail address and password for your Bounce Time Party Rental account. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account, passwords, and files, and for all uses of your account and of the Equipment in your name. Bounce Time Party Rental reserves the right to refuse or cancel an event or accounts if it deems inappropriate. If Equipment becomes unavailable, Bounce Time Party Rental reserves the right to replace Equipment with a similar item of equal or greater value, or cancel the Equipment and refund fees paid for the unavailable Equipment.

1.5 Bounce Time Party Rental makes every attempt to make sure that all Equipment delivered to our customers are clean, operational and without defect, but we cannot guarantee that Equipment will look consistent to the colors and styles as shown on marketing material and the Bounce Time Party Rental website due to the number of different Equipment manufactures styles.

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This equipment rental agreement is between the renter Bounce Time Party Rental and the Customer (hereinafter "Customer"). In addition to the terms below, and the operation guidelines on each rented item, the Customer agrees to supervise the operation of any rented item and further agrees to be responsible to Bounce Time Party Rental for any loss or damage to the Equipment and for its return in the same condition in which received, except for ordinary wear. Such responsibility shall amount to the replacement or repair cost of the Equipment at the time it is lost or damaged, plus an administrative fee and Bounce Time Party Rental related losses, such as, but not limited to, loss of use, appraisal fees or costs of recovery. Before signing this contract, Lessee agrees that he/she has read the entire contract, has agreed to all terms and conditions herein, and has had all questions he/she may have answered to the Customer’s full satisfaction and understanding.

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Customer grants Bounce Time Party Rental and its employees/contractors, the right to enter the property address specified by Customer for the delivery and return of the rented equipment at approximate times. The Customer agrees to provide one dedicated electrical outlet rated at 115 volts with 20 amperes capacity per motor unit within 50 feet of each unit, unless Customer also is renting generators from Bounce Time Party Rental. No electrical cords or power splitters are to be used. If the blower stops or the air pressure is low, remove all users immediately, restrict access to the Equipment and check on the problem. Air tubes in the rear of the unit should be tied securely to the blower or tied off to prevent air from escaping. The electrical cord should be plugged into an outlet and be the only thing operating on that electrical circuit. Circuit breakers should also be checked. Customer is subject to an additional charge of $20.00 for all service calls due to electricity failures.

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General Rules for Safe Operation:

Equipment cannot be moved by Customer after placed by Bounce Time Party Rental employees. Equipment will be anchored initially by Bounce Time Party Rental and the anchors MUST NOT be removed during period of use. Never use during high winds, gusty winds, thunderstorms or lightening. The Equipment can turn over in high winds, even if anchored, and this could result in severe injuries to the users. Do not resume use until adverse weather conditions have ceased. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines located on the Equipment itself.

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Additional Safety Rules:

Before entering the Equipment, have the users remove their shoes, eye glasses, belt buckles and any sharp objects. Never play, jump or enter a partially inflated/deflated unit. Never allow the users to climb or play outside of the Equipment’s intended use (climbing the outside or inside walls of the unit, columns, netting or roof of unit). Always follow the number of riders and rules posted on the Equipment itself. Do not plug or unplug the motor repeatedly as this will cause the motor to burn up and you will be responsible for any resulting damage. Always have an adult present, who has reviewed and understands both this contract and the rules posted on the Equipment itself, who can supervise the users. Never allow the users to be unsupervised in or around the Equipment. Never allow more users than the maximum number of users per age group as described within this lease and on the Equipment itself. Never place a hose or water on or into the Equipment unless authorized by Bounce Time Party Rental. Do not allow horseplay on, in, or around the Equipment. Always follow the directions for use on the Equipment itself.

Only children of the same age group are to play on the Equipment at the same time. The maximum number of users in each age group is as follows:

By Age Under 5 years 6-8 years 9-13 years Older Teens Adults
Bouncers, Combos, Small Units 8-10 8 6 4 2
Large Units 12-16 12 10 8 6
Slides 6-8 6-8 6 3-5 2

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Additional Terms of Lease:

Bounce Time Party Rental is not responsible for bad weather, disruption of electrical service and/or unfavorable conditions that may arise and no charges or fees will be reimbursed as a result. ABSOLUTELY NO silly string or similar items, such as, but not limited to, food, drinks, confetti, foam or trash, in or around the Equipment at any time !!! Silly string and like objects will cause permanent damage to the Equipment and Customer will be responsible for the full replacement value of the rented unit and/or assessed a $200.00 cleaning fee if the Equipment is determined not to be permanently damaged. Customer agrees that the Equipment leased is for Customer’s own use and said Equipment is not be loaned, sub-let, mortgaged or in any other manner disposed of by Customer.

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Hold Harmless Provisions:

Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Bounce Time Party Rental harmless from any and all claim, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, fees, damages and liabilities, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, arising by reason of injury, damage, or death to persons or property, in connection with or resulting from the use of the leased Equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, the manufacture, selection, delivery, possession, use, operation, or return of the equipment. Customer hereby releases and holds harmless Bounce Time Party Rental from injuries or damages incurred as a result of the use of the leased Equipment. Bounce Time Party Rental cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for injuries as a result of inappropriate use, God, nature, or other conditions beyond its control or knowledge. Customer also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Bounce Time Party Rental from any loss, damage, theft or destruction of the equipment during the term of the lease and any extensions thereof.

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Disclaimer of Warranties:

Bounce Time Party Rental makes no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, as to the condition of or performance of any leased Equipment and Customer agrees to immediately cease use of the Equipment and contact Bounce Time Party Rental if any of the lease Equipment develops any indication defect or improper working conditions. Customer agrees to use the Equipment at Customer own risk.

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Damage Waiver:

If the Customer purchases the Bounce Time Party Rental Damage Waiver Plan, and if the Equipment is used in compliance with this plan, then Bounce Time Party Rental agrees to waive, to the extent specified herein and in the Rental Agreement, its right to hold Customer liable for any damages except for the following circumstances:
A) The use or operation of the Equipment without Bounce Time Party Rental permission, or in a manner that would constitute a default under the Rental Agreement and Safety Procedures.
B) The failure of the Customer to perform all normal periodic and other required or recommended service, inspections and adult supervision of the Equipment.
C) Negligent, reckless, or abusive use or operation of, or intentional damage to the Equipment while the Equipment is under the care or control of the Customer (e.g., Equipment rollover or upset, altering the Equipment for use in a manner for which it was not designed).
D) The use or operation of the Equipment with a user load exceeding the manufacturer's rated capacity, or as a result of improper loading, unloading of patrons using the Equipment.
E) All loss or damage associated with vandalism, malicious mischief, disappearance, theft or conversion of the Equipment, not documented by the Customer's filing a formal written report with the applicable public authorities (with an immediate copy to Bounce Time Party Rental) within 24 hours of the event.
F) Customer's failure to properly secure the Equipment and/or by making it available to any unauthorized and/or untrained operator, or by not reasonably restricting access to the Equipment.
G) Damage that occurs while Customer uses, allows the use of, or directs another party to use the Equipment in the commission of a crime.
H) Customer's failure to notify Bounce Time Party Rental within 24 hours of an accident that has resulted in loss or damage to the Equipment.
I) Customer provides misleading or false information to rent the Equipment.
J) The Equipment is used by an operator while under the influence of an intoxicant or other illegal or controlled substance.
K) Customer’s failure to pay all invoices within Bounce Time Party Rental payment terms.

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A 50% deposit is required to reserve Equipment. The balance is due 48 hours before rental date. Any special payment arrangements must be paid in full before setup of Equipment begins.

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Refund Policy:

If you need to cancel your inflatable, there is absolutely no fees associated with canceling as long as it is done at least 30 days before your event. If canceled between 9-29 days of event, your deposit cannot be refunded, but may be applied to a future rental up to 1 year from original event date. If you cancel within 2-8 days prior to your rental you will be given a raincheck that is good for 6 months. Cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled drop off time will not be accepted and are non-refundable. All events requiring a 50% deposit are non refundable.


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Breach/Indemnity/Arbitration/Consequential Damages:

In the event that Customer breaches any of the terms of this lease, that Customer will pay for all consequential damages and further indemnify Bounce Time Party Rental for all costs incurred by Bounce Time Party Rental incurred in enforcing the terms of the lease or in defending any claim or lawsuit arising out of the operation of said Equipment, including the amount of any judgment, attorney’s fees and costs. If Bounce Time Party Rental determines, within its own discretion, that Customer has failed, in any way, to observe or comply with the conditions of this lease, Bounce Time Party Rental may exercise any of the following remedies: termination of this agreement; reenter property and retake the Equipment; declare any outstanding rent and charges immediately due and payable and initiate whatever legal proceedings necessary to recover said Equipment or monies; and/or pursue any additional remedies available by law.

Merger Clause

This signed contract in compasses the entire agreement between the lessor and lessee. No amendement, wheather from previous or subsequent negotiations between the lesee and lessor, shall be valid or enforceable unless in writing and signed by all parties to this contract. The invalidity or unenforceableity of any particular provision of this agreement shall not effect the other provisions hereof.

Duty to Mitigate

In the event of injury, damage or loss due to lessor's  negligence, lessee agrees and assumes the duty to mitigate all cost resulting from said injury, damage or loss.


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